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Diane Ross- Client Testimonials

Diane. I want to THANK YOU soooooooooo much for helping me to quite smoking. I can't believe after 40+ years I am finally free. I will admit I do have times I really feel like I want/need a cigarette but then I remind myself that I don't smoke. I have really been tested after quitting smoking in Feb. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May. Now I am gettin ready to undergo a double mastectomy on July 1st. If that's not a test I don't know what is. I'm still smoke free and loving it! THANK YOU!


This is a text a client sent me after he had gone through a medical procedure:

Diane, had the procedure. For a technical reason I had to wait in preparatory room for 5 hours. I just went into alpha, like you taught me. Was very patient and ended up kissing all the nurses on the cheeks, thanking them. Thank you so much for teaching me how to deal with difficult situations in a pleasant, patient mood. You helped me find peace and become a better person. I can never thank you enough.

J.S., Sarasota, FL

Diane is spiritual guide who helps you help yourself. Her methods are encouraging, empowering, and effective. It's comforting and refreshing to have crossed paths with such an enlightened spirit.

K.H., Orlando

Dear Diane,

I would like to tell you that I have been enjoying your Instant Meditation CD.

It is different from any other meditations, and I really like to be reminded to be relaxed while I am listening to it.

I hear the word "connected" in the CD, and it was one of the keywords in my session with you. It is really nice to hear the word again and again in the meditation.

Again, thank you very much for your work.

M.N., Orlando

I met Diane when a friend of my invited me to her monthly presentations at the Winter Park Library. Am I glad I did. When life threw me one too many curve balls I wracked my brain as to where to turn to deal with the seemingly insurmountable. I am working with Diane and have been for several months now. At home, I listen to her mediation tape 3x daily, read her daily inspirational book (Meditations for Miracles), and most weeks get in for a hypno therapy session. I find that I am becoming more relaxed and less anxious. My fretful dreams are changing and I seem to be experiencing more awareness of guidance in my life. This makes me less fearful and more confident that I am safe and life is easier because I am not alone in my trials. Diane's loving presence has allowed this unfolding. Her faith has upheld my own. Her countenance and her walk, model how it can be and how it is becoming for me as well. She is helping me with neurolinguistic programming as well, cleaning up the way I talk about myself and my life, shooing out the victim and welcoming in the empowered co-creator, me! I invite anyone who is dealing with issues of grief and loss, low self esteem, anxiety, depression or anger to sign up for the real deal. She is a loving and positive person who genuinely gives of her time, talents and treasure

Name withheld by request, Orlando

At 47 years of age, I weighed more than I ever had. I was unhappy with my body and was not willing to give in to "middle aged spread". I knew what I needed to do to lose weight, but could not motivate myself. So, I called Diane. After one session, I was able to control myself around problem foods and found I no longer needed to gobble down large meals to feel satisfied. I lost seven pounds the first week. After three sessions, my sense of self-control was immense. Nine months have passed now. I've lost 39 pounds. I started running again. I can wear whatever I want. I crave healthy foods. At social events, people are often amazed at how well I manage my eating. I simply don't overeat anymore. I am very happy with myself. If you want to lose weight, I strongly recommend using Diane for hypnosis.

St. Augustine

I had lots of troubles with myself.  Back in Germany I tried almost everything - psychotherapy, cluster analysis... Even going to the USA for a year was probably more running away.  I tried so hard to figure out what's "wrong" with me, read tons of books... I always thought about Hypnotherapy, but I was a little scared.  After half a year in Florida I didn't see huge changes, especially not with my biggest problems - I just wasn't able to love and trust, especially not myself.  So I just took all my courage and looked for a Hypnotherapist and found Diane. That changed my life in only a few months.  I had about 6 sessions with Dane.  It was amazing and life-changing.  I started to love myself and even found a wonderful person to fall in love with.  I can't thank Diane enough.  It was worth all the money and every second I spent.  I was desperate but with Diane's help I overcame my biggest fear!  Diane is an amazing, trustful person and became very important to me.  From session to session I could see changes and more and more happiness in my face.

M.K., Germany

After undergoing hypnosis five years ago to help with overcoming panic attacks I, a snowbird, was intrigued by the art of hypnosis and its capabilities in helping people recover from various problems. Since that time, I have been hypnotized several times by several hypnotists for various issues but never really felt satisfaction from these sessions.

Then, while up north last summer, still being intrigued by the art and not willing to concede, I surfed the Internet for Orlando area hypnotists. I came across the website of Diane Ross, and after returning to Florida for the winter, I proceeded to contact her by phone. This telephone call proved to be the most rewarding call I made all winter. I proceeded to make an initial appointment with her for the purpose of helping me quit one of my bad habits--that of chewing on my fingers. And since that initial appointment, I have proceeded to meet with Diane on a regular basis throughout the winter for her help in various issues.

Not only was Diane successful in aiding me in getting over my bad habit of finger chewing, she has proceeded to introduce me to a brand new lifestyle--that of happiness and contentment. She has taught me that in order to be truly happy and content, one must choose to do so. She has taught me that one must be relaxed and calm to have the power of awareness. Indeed, one must be able to "Live in the Moment" to have the ability to choose a successful lifestyle.

Diane is truly a gifted master of her art and I will forever be grateful for her teachings.


Jeff B.
DeBary, FL

Dear Diane...

For over forty-five years of my life I had been suffering with sadness.  Family members would just say "too bad, now get over it."  There was never a kind or understanding word as to how or why I was always blue.  With all of my cries for help or understanding, I had even attempted suicide.  Their reply was that I was merely crazy.

On a whim, I decided to have a session with you to see if there was any explanation for this never-ending sadness, and even more, a solution.  In only one session, you managed to let me know that I am not the one with the problems.  I was allowing others to burden themselves on to me, and it was pulling me down.  I have the freedom of choice to say "no" and not permit others to do these things to me ever again.

You have no idea how much my life was changed!  In the last six weeks, I haven't had a negative or sad thought.  I have been happy for the first time in my life.  I appreciate what I do have and plan to make the most of each and every moment.

What surprised me was how you never told what to do, but led me to answer my own questions with the truth that I had been keeping hidden deep inside.

With greatest love and appreciation.

MFB, Orlando

Hi Diane,

I had an interesting experience on Tuesday attending your "Cutting-Edge Consciousness"  session on finding our Spiritual Ideal, and I thought I should share it with you.  You're always saying how our experiences are not necessarily visual -- we also may get our information through other senses, even just a "knowing".  How about direct experience in the physical world during the meditation?

It began that morning when I picked up a book, "50 Ways to Feel Amazing" and a little voice inside told me that it might be a good thing to donate for your giveaway.  That perhaps someone will get it who could really use it.  Then I actually REMEMBERED to take it out of my bag & bring it inside.

As the session began, I found myself sitting a seat away from a young man who it seemed could not sit still.  I kept being distracted by his constant shifting around.   I felt annoyed, and frustrated with myself because I couldn't seem to tune it out, or let it take me deeper, as your instructions tell us to do.  So I decided I would turn my attention to him, since I couldn't do the mediation anyway (or so I thought).  I felt perhaps he had some physical issue that caused him to fidget that way, so I tried directing some healing, loving thoughts/energy toward him.

When the meditation ended I thought to myself, "watch, he'll be the one who ends up getting the book," -  as I had the impression that it was probably the type of thing he'd have no interest in whatsoever.  Well, the giveaway began, you chose #6 (which is my favorite #), which turned out to be me, and I won the beautiful basket & egg.  I chose the next number, which turned out to be that young man, who indeed ended up with the book!  Now, I have no idea why he was meant to get that book, but there can be no doubt in my mind that it went where it was meant to.  As I was walking out the door I heard someone make a comment about there being no such thing as coincidence.  I had to laugh out loud, thinking if they only knew!

It didn't occur to me until I was driving home, that perhaps I *had* been shown my spiritual ideal.

Peace & Love,

L. S.. Orlando 

Diane--i am so happily surprised!  your weight loss CD has worked more quickly, more effectively, and more widely than i would have imagined.  in the first week of listening to it, i lost three pounds!  i found myself eating healthier foods because i wanted to and knowing exactly the moment i was full.  i also noticed that i was sticking to my exercise regime with less fuss and muss: it all just seemed EASIER, somehow.  

more importantly, i have begun to feel a sense of strength and confidence building in other areas of my life.  i know this is a direct result of listening to your weight loss CD because as i find myself acting and feeling more empowered in interpersonal interactions, i "hear" lines from the CD echoing inside, reassuring me that i have the strength, the conviction, the fortitude, the courage that i need to succeed in all areas of my life.

thank you for this wonderful gift.  imagine, transforming a life in a relaxing hour a day!

thanks again!

jm, maitland, Florida.
I would recommend this class to anyone.  It is so powerful.  Not only with weight loss, but every other aspect of your life.  I have had a few powerful breakthroughs.  I realized I have to have peace and happiness in my life.  I also realized that I wasn't living to my fullest potential.  In class 5 a block was released and I took the power back from others and gave it to my self again.  I no longer allow others to tell me how I should feel.  I now realize it.  Somewhere along the way I lost that.  This class is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.  You will enjoy Diane, she is an excellent instructor, easy to understand and you will feel very safe and comfortable with her.  C. C., Oviedo, FL.

This was a profoundly exciting experience.  The last 6 weeks have helped me create a different path for all aspects of my life.  I've begun integrating the best experiences from my past into my present reality.  I choose healthy foods over junk food.  I eat 30% to 60% less than I used to.  I exercise 30 minutes a day -- a miracle because I have fibromyalgia and used to experience so much discomfort, that I would rarely exercise.  My energy level has escalated --  unusual because I used to have terrible fatigue problems.  I will continue taking Diane's classes until I know the immense possibilities on this path.

S. W., Orlando, FL.

I feel so much better and more powerful than ever.  I don't eat or snack mindlessly anymore.

Jessica R., Orlando, FL

This class has helped me not only with weight loss, but with everyday life.

P. H., Orlando, FL.

The power of this work ripples through my life everyday. I started with Diane to give up smoking. My smoking habit disappeared because I was too excited about getting a new sense of my ideal self! This new sense of my self is so important in supporting me through anything I do...and it's penetrated so deeply that sometimes just breathing will bring me back to a place of contentment - a contentment from knowing I can allow myself to feel
fully empowered.

Thank you!
Angela Patterson

I am so glad I found out about the wonderful work that you do!
Last night's session was so powerful for me.
In the past, I have been through many years of inner exploration and counseling, but your sessions allow one to get right to the heart of the issue in but one sitting.  The methods you practice are extremely successful, easy, fun and help put me in charge of myself!  I really thought I had worked through all of my anger from the past, but last night I realized that I was still living the pain and unhappiness that my parents had.  When they told me it was their pain, and they didn't want that for me, they released me from that responsibility; it truly hit me unexpectedly.  I also felt much compassion for them not having a happy life and wished for that to go away for them. Today I have felt like a new person and excited about what my life can become now.

Keep doing what you are doing!  It's amazing!
C.A., Orlando, FL

Hi Diane,
I have now attended your last 2 classes at the sage center and I am pleased at what has evolved in my life.  I am finally listening to my inner self and no longer question my decisions.  I have also had a major break through with my mother....she finally heard what I said for the first time in 31 years!   She finally understood that viewing my as herself is unhealthy!  Anyways I just wanted to thank you...

L. C., Orlando, FL

I went into the meditation with the intent to learn how to be more effective in helping to save the Earth and people. Maybe this was too broad an intent; however, it just occurred to me when you mentioned it.

Interestingly, the first image I was a very small bear - like a stuffed teddy bear. However, very soon that image changed into a polar bear.
I encountered a very large white polar bear (female) with two cubs and very briefly her mate, who was not totally white; was more beige colored. I was acutely aware of the cleanness and clarity of the environment. The ice and the cold air and the blueness of the sky were intense. The water was clear and pure; one could feel the purity - no contamination - no pollution. I felt the cold water flow through my mouth and licked the ice. Most of all I felt intense power; I was so energized that I gasped and the hairs on my arms and head to attention. Tears came to my eyes. This was purity never before experienced! The joy of the bear was that of being alive and being pure love, strength and force in a pristine environment; power and force - purity supreme! The world of ice was clearly the crystal that reflected the beauty and joy of being alive.

My bear took me deep into the waters, down, down, down, through caverns and into the darkness, deeper and deeper until we were in the bowels of the earth. There I saw what I had to see -- eruptions, boiling up, spewing corruption, pollution, poisons, evil. The earth was vomiting from the disease that mankind has brought to her. I saw people and parts of people being tossed about in the diseased sewage. Mother Earth was purging; gasping for breath; purification is in process but with a very long way to go; in a life or death struggle. At the same time, I felt the strength of the polar bear that enabled me to stand the horror of it all. Throughout, I felt such force, energy, love, nurture, something so solidly sleek and impenetrable, like white/silver metal of such strength that could never be penetrated; enduring like a world unto herself.

Then, I was transported (can't remember the transition) to land and I was one with a black jaguar/panther; sitting patiently, with eyes that did not miss anything; then walking with such strength that I could feel the muscles stretching, coordinating, like a ballet, very measured and beautiful. There was a beauty about this that was exquisite. I felt confident, content. Again, I felt exorbitantly energized. At first I felt that I was male but then I realized that both male and female qualities resided here in this magnificent cat. I knew I had the attributes of a skilled hunter; that I could kill in an instant. The odor I encountered was the smell of sulfur (I smelled only cleanness with the bear) and I could taste meat in my mouth but only faintly and rather sweet. Walking about was such dignity and with a feeling that something was about to reveal itself to me. At the end, birds came to the jaguar and were flying around him/her as if talking to the jaguar.

Diane Ross is an amazing person who has allowed me to discover things about myself that I never realized.  I am a much stronger, happier, and successful person thanks to the effective program she has designed.  I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in improving themselves to listen to her course!".

D.S., Orlando, FL

My sessions with Diane Ross and attendance of her workshops has hugely impacted the quality of my life today. Her wisdom and spiritual clarity has helped me alter my perspective in a way that brings me peace, love, and abundance like I have never known before. Her guidance has accelerated my spiritual development and her teachings continue to shape my mental and emotional well being. I am grateful for her presence in my life today. I am blessed that her timeless knowledge and intuition have not only had a positive and effective impact on my thinking but also on my relationships with friends, colleagues, and family. Diane is a messenger, a mentor and a powerfully attractive spirit.

R. S., Miami, FL

Thank you for your influence on my life.  I was able to handle a direct confrontation to my face by a very hostile gentleman today without reacting or fleeing.  My client was watching and said how amazed she was that I was able to pause after everything the man said to me and think before responding.  I was even able to end it by saying "I will not let your anger affect me, so have a nice day".  

Diane, let me tell you this is not who I was in my 20's and I attribute a lot of it to the fact that in the last two weeks I have been listening to your CD's again, and the effect of mindfulness that you taught me as had.  I am not saying that I am perfect at handling conflict, but that when it comes into play all that you taught me is so helpful at being a better person and keeping my head up.

The CD on handling a break up is so powerful and potent that I will have to listen to it several times to absorb all its knowledge. I will say that the talk before the meditation was very informative and helpful.   I was able to understand everything, even what the people in the audience said, and it made me feel like I was a part of the group.    Thank you so much.

T. C., Laguna Beach, CA
Thank you for an excellent presentation (on The Secret). Intellectually I may have known some of that, but I definitely discovered it last night. I am not sure that I will be able to continue with the techniques you gave us, I have the meditation CD (my wife does anyway) and I will give that a try. It was so easy when you took us into it, I could not hear anything but your instructions and the background music, and the visualizations were only what you told us to visualize. If I can't reproduce that on my own, I will be bothering you to do it again.
Also, your work with my wife has produced not only a more slender woman, which is why she went to you, but it has virtually removed a worrisome trait she has carried for thirty years. She has always had a knot of muscles on her upper back from being tense, and her personality was such that whatever anyone said she became defensive as if she were being attacked. Since seeing you, this has disappeared. I am sure this will have a direct effect on her physical as well as mental health. Thank you. E. B., Orlando
Hi Diane,
I learned the Brain Shifting technique from you at HEA (Hypnosis Education Association) Conference last fall and wanted to let you know how well it is working for me as well as for my clients! I use it in conjunction with my Zap Method, and boy, is it powerful! I can get to sleep more easily as well as remove thoughts upon which I do not want to focus. Just wanted to let you know.

Jan Rysdon
Certified Hypnotherapist,Happy Heart Hypnosis, Tampa

I have known Diane Ross for well over a decade and yet am continually impressed with her wisdom and knowledge. Diane's education in metaphysics and spirituality is incredible. She is constantly researching, reading, and practicing her craft, and sharing that information to assist people on many levels. I truly believe that knowing Diane has helped me in walking my path in a more conscious and thoughtful manner. Diane's hypnotherapy, classes, and just knowing her have added wonderful, positive experiences to my life...and I thank her.

Steve G.

Hi Diane,
I learned the Brain Shifting technique from you at HEA (Hypnosis Education Association) Conference last fall and wanted to let you know how well it is working for me as well as for my clients! I use it in conjunction with my Zap Method, and boy, is it powerful! I can get to sleep more easily as well as remove thoughts upon which I do not want to focus. Just wanted to let you know.


Jan Rysdon
Certified Hypnotherapist,Happy Heart Hypnosis, Tampa

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